Hi, There! My name is Kelly! I love helping others – it truly fills my cup so I started this blog!

Long Run Ohm is about your journey to your true self; returning to your¬†home or “ohm.” It’s about helping you discover the self-care methods that help you manage the day-to-day stress of life.

The goal of the site is to allow you to explore, decide, celebrate and share which of the four areas of self-care work best for you:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual
  • Mental

The Long Run Ohm is about new beginnings. It’s a safe place for those who are interested to learn together. A place to help you grow by relating to others within the site community – our struggles as women, men, parents, as husbands, wives, brothers, and sisters, etc.

We as a Long Run Ohm community will work together to…

  • Find our way successfully through life happily and sometimes not so happily
  • Use self-care practices to help us accept and manage the hurdles and emotions that that pop-up in our daily lives
  • Shed the weight, fear, resentment, anger, shame, hurt, and guilt of the past, or of the future – and just learn to be our true selves
  • Set a new vision, new goals, new thoughts and share our inspirations
  • Ascend into an authentic space where emotions can be felt and eventually be let go
  • Create a place to connect with those who have the same goals as us

You are not alone. Life isn’t perfect, it’s raw, it’s a bleeding sore, but it’s also beautiful and rich. And, the raw, achy parts of life are just as amazing (if not more!) than the peaceful and joyful parts.

Long Run Ohm is about accepting,¬†pushing through, holding on and smiling all while living. It’s embracing (instead of running away) and appreciating failures and painful emotions to catch a glimpse of the delicious bites of life.

Take my hand and let’s get going!