The Long Run Ohm is about new beginnings. It’s a place, a foundation for those who are interested to learn with me and to grow by relating with my struggles as woman, mom, wife, and sister – an individual. It’s about me finding my way through life doing two of my favorite things – running and yoga.

I’m dropping everything that is old and I’m shifting to a new life. I’m shedding the weight, the look and the feel of an old wool coat that is tattered and frayed. A coat that smells of ragged roads I’ve trudged covered in fear, resentment, and anger. Roads dusted with shame, hurt and guilt. I’m taking it off. I’m letting it go.

For the first time in a long time, I can see. The sun is rising and the light is real. I have a new vision, new goals, new thoughts and inspiration to share. I am ascending into an authentic space where emotions can be felt. A space I can begin to connect with those I love and disconnect from those I choose to keep at a distance.

I want to share all these things with you. I want you to know that you are not alone. Life isn’t perfect, it’s raw, it’s a bleeding aching sore, but it’s also beautiful and rich. And, the raw, achy parts of life are just as amazing (if not more!) than the peaceful and joyful parts.

Long Run Ohm is about accepting, pushing through, holding on and smiling all while living. It’s embracing (instead of running away) and appreciating failures and painful emotions to catch a glimpse of the delicious bites of life.

Take my hand and let’s get going!