the fastest growing addiction since drug abuse and my experience with it.

Have you ever been misjudged? Has someone ever tried to place the blame of their issues on you? I have and it sucks. However, unlike the persons that misjudged me and my intentions, I am choosing not to be a victim. Why? Because there are way too many human beings these days that are entitled, avoid responsibility and getting high off of thinking the world should revolve around them and every inconvenience they experience. 

Read my other blog posts or just trust me when I say I’ve been through my fair share of issues, roadblocks, and hurdles in life. Some of them have been very violent and abusive. Some have left me still to this day unhealed, but not once have I ever put the blame of what happened on another, or a non-issue.

What happened to treating others like we would want to be treated?

Save The Goats!
Not once have I gone on a crazy, all-out crusade to save all the baby goats used in goat yoga by emailing every studio or teacher offering this class just because I was pissed at myself, or because I wanted to feel a “high” from feeling well-educated and authoritative.

All that to say, that I feel sorry for these people that are so addicted to identifying themselves as victims that they can’t see themselves as anything else.

Just Like Cocaine
They get “high” off of labeling themselves or other people as victims because they can’t face their own issues, talk about real problem, or get their priorities in order. Just like shooting cocaine, they get euphoric when crusading on non-issues or basically anything they find on Google they believe is real.

I’m discouraged that these people are trying to get attention from speaking about non-issues, judging others, and/or thinking that because someone else is doing something they don’t like, even though it doesn’t hurt them or has nothing to do with them, they need to stop it. I’m tired of the entitled brats who instead of facing their problems they pass the blame on to someone else so they can justify it being corrected.

WTF?! What happened to kindness?

I come from a conservative small town in Pennsylvania. I’m a yoga teacher among thousands in this small part of the world and I recently began teaching for a locally owned fitness studio that offers a variety of classes focused on a range of fitness goals.

A Different Kind of Yoga
For a yoga teacher to stand out among the competition, any good marketer would recommend that in order to stand out you have to differentiate yourself from other local and national studios that offer the same services.

Duh. It’s like marketing 101.

So, because you can basically walk down any street in my town and find a yoga studio I thought to myself, it’s time to differentiate myself if I want to grow my class size and help to expand and support small businesses – especially the studio I work for!

I decided to take a traditional style of yoga (you know, the practice that was invented in the East) and combine it with dancing, weights, and other forms of fitness to be more comprehensively attractive to folks that would normally gravitate towards other forms of fitness.

You know. The cardio-junkies and lifetime lifters.

I did this not because I think yoga is the only fitness they should do, but because I truly believe that yoga is so healing, and healthy not only for the body but for the mind as well.

The only problem was I couldn’t think of what to call it. I thought long and hard, did some research and found a style that existed that was somewhat close to what I wanted to teach, so I decided to allow this existing style to be my muse and in all my time thinking about it came up with a name.

TRIBAL yoga.

I thought this is perfect. The word tribal is so fierce, bold, family, “my tribe” like, and real. This is what I wanted my yoga class, my students to feel like. I wanted these women to come into my class and leave with a sense that they can do anything, be anything, feel anything, and be free from all the female stereotypes and be themselves, be real.

I wanted my students to know that they could enter into a space that was safe for them to be who they are and not feel ashamed. I wanted to empower them with a positive energy that enabled them to do more.

I‘m So Offended & Several People Should Pay The Price
A few weeks after the class was introduced at the fitness studio, there were two complaints made about the name of the class. I was ridiculed for the name and “schooled” on why it was so bad, etc. Apparently, two people within the town did not agree with the name of the class and were, in their words, offended.

When I heard about the complaints I was surprised, angry, and hurt. I confided in several friends who told me that their complaints were bull shit and that if these people knew me they would understand my use of the word tribal was not even close to what they were offended by.

In order to take the high road and compromise, I agreed to change the name.

Since then, the name has changed and the popularity of the class has grown and continues to grow. I’m thankful and grateful that the majority see my vision and are with me when it comes to being a bright light in this dark world.

Victim Chic
However, I’m not a fan of the way these “offended” and victimized townspeople decided to rain on my parade and make me think I did something wrong. I think their cultural misappropriation reasoning is just a facade to cover up their own issues and an excuse to claim to be a victim. 

Victim chic is a term I’m sure you’ve heard thrown around lately. There are so many people today following and trusting in the media when they throw out some random and ridiculous “issue” just because it’s a slow day.

News flash! Just because someone wrote a book about it, populated Google with it, a news anchor reported, or someone wrote a book about it doesn’t mean it’s true or is even a thing.

Dearest “Victims”
So, here’s how I’d like to formulate my response to those that were offended because of the name I chose to title my yoga class:

Dear Entitled, Responsibility-Avoiding, Victims:

Give a f*ck about real issues. Stop judging others. Be kind.



Tell Me
So, tell me. Have you experienced this treatment before? What did you do? Is there such a thing as humanity any more? Tell me. I want to know.


  1. What the heck is wrong with people! Seriously!? I just did an exercise program through Daily Burn called Move and it incorporated tribal moves & themes. What’s so offensive? Stay strong, girl, don’t let the haters win!

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