be kind. surprise someone with flowers.

Who loves a good surprise? I sure do. Especially when it’s from my littlest heart melter… my son.

When’s the last time someone surprised you with flowers? Not because it was for a special occasion, just because.

Today instead of me being the kind-giver, my little guy Maximus (Max) treated me to a little surprise when I picked him up from school.

I’ve been working really hard lately on many fronts, trying to work my job that pays the bills and work my job that fulfills my passion, and then some. Altogether, I’m doing about four jobs each day, aside from being a mom and wife. So, needless to say, things have been a little hectic around our house lately, but for some good reasons.

This morning after leaving one of my part-time jobs, I went to pick up Max from school and while driving I remember thinking… I hope someday this will all be worth it. I hope my hard work will pay off. I hope my focus and consistency will be rewarded.

I walked down the hall of the school and waited from Max outside his room. All of a sudden I saw a little bright, beaming face of sunshine and a beautiful blue (my favorite color) paper flower. As he came running out he put the flower behind his back, stopped at me and said, “Guess what mommy?”

“What?” I said.

“This is for you!” He pulled the flower from behind his back, smiled big and said, “I love you!”

My heart melted all over my clothes, onto the floor dripping of ooey-gooey love and kindness. Just then I thought to myself if my hard work doesn’t pay off, at least I have the sweetest little ginger in the world!

I’ve been smiling ever since.

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What kind thing will you do today for someone? Or, maybe you’ll be surprised! Comment below and tell me. I want to know!

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