be kind. share the good stuff.

Think back to your childhood… remember how hard it was to share with a friend? You would pout or cry when your parents made you share your toys-even if you didn’t like the toy. Ha! Now, flash forward to adulthood. Everyone wants to share their shit with you, the mistakes they keep repeating, the reasons for their pity parties, and even the old junk they know isn’t good for you all to make a buck. Now, think about when’s the last time you shared… the good stuff?

Day Seven
Today is day seven of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge. Today‚Äôs challenge: share the good stuff with someone.

I love to share. I hated it when I was a kid, but in today’s world with all the chaos and sadness, I’m happy to share something good if it means making someone smile.

Remember that old saying, “Sharing is Caring?” It really rings true. When you care about someone, like really, really care about someone, it makes it so easy to want only the best for them – to share only the best with them.

Am I right?!

I was so pumped and passionate about this next challenge. So, I decided to host a party for my friends. About two months ago I started as a wine consultant for Scout & Cellar and I knew it was the perfect way to share something amazingly good and good for you with my friends.

Scout & Cellar is all about clean-crafted wines. What is clean-crafted you ask? Well, it’s all-natural, organic, no chemicals added, no sugar added, vegan, no-gmo, no additives, no synthetic pesticides, wildly delicious and always distinctive  – wine.


I started with Scout & Cellar because I believed so passionately about this company sourcing better, truly natural wines. I couldn’t pass it up. And, knowing that most of my friends love their wine-time I knew I had to share the love. So, I had a party.

My friends loved the wines and had zero negative effects. No migraines, no hives, no reddening of chest or face, and no hot flashes. They loved the simplicity of the all-natural ingredients, the clean, yet complex taste and the comfort in knowing it was native flavors and elements they were putting into their bodies.

Oh, and bonus – they got their girl time in too! What’s better than that?!

The party was a success. Not because there was a full house, or because we all spent a ton of money. But, because we could laugh, catch up on life, bond and enjoy a delightful sip or two – together. All because I wanted to share.

Think of all the possibilities that could result in sharing the good stuff?

Tell Me
So, what will you do today to show some kindness to someone else? What good stuff will you share? Comment below and tell me!

About Scout & Cellar
Scout & Cellar is the only club that curates and delivers clean-crafted wine in four easy steps. Started by a lawyer turned Level 3 sommelier, founder Sarah Shadonix, decided to change the wine industry once she discovered that there are some 300 chemical additives in mass-produced wine (the wine you buy in the liquor store and/or most wines you order online).  She believed chemicals belonged in a swimming pool and that “wine should be as natural as possible.” Thus, Scout & Cellar began. If you’d like more info and have questions, let me know or visit my Scout & Cellar website.

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