be kind. read to someone who can’t.

When’s the last time you read to someone? Many of us take reading for granted. Some never learned and will never to learn to read. Some are too young and haven’t learned yet, and some are older now and their eyes don’t work as well as they used too. Reading is magical and luckily it’s sharable, which is why it’s the perfect choice for today’s challenge. 

Day Six
Today is day six of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge. Today‚Äôs challenge: read a book to someone who can’t.

Remember how you felt when you were a kid and your parent, or grandparent would you read you a book before bed?

For me, I always felt a sense of comfort and peace. I would lie there and let my imagination swirl the characters to life envisioning every detail as I slumbered off to sleep. What they looked like, what clothes they wore, how their voice sounded… I was never satisfied with just one book.

The funny thing is once I learned to read I never really appreciated it. I only ever really did when someone else was reading to me. I think because when you’re in school you can’t just pick up a book that sounds or looks intriguing to you. You have to follow the reading assignments given to you by the teacher. And, the little sassy pants I was never really liked when I couldn’t choose things on my own.

Fast forward, as an adult, we get busy and since technology has taken over, it’s become even harder to make time for reading. Although, when my kids were babies and toddlers I always enjoyed reading to them before bed.

(Side note: This makes me wonder… why did I stop reading to them once they were older?)

Anyway, it’s in our human nature to want to feel safe and comforted. In my opinion, reading made me feel this way ever since I can remember. So, when I saw today’s challenge, I was really looking forward to it!

Maximus (my son) hasn’t yet learned to read but he will be going to kindergarten this fall so I know it’s coming up. This challenge was a good reminder to me to not only appreciate being able to read to him but perhaps also creating the same feelings of comfort and safety for him too.

Since he started pre-school this past year, his class goes to the library once a week and it’s his favorite thing! Whenever he gets new books he wants to come home and read them right away.

So, for today’s challenge, we pulled out his library books from his backpack, snuggled up on the couch and I read to him. The funny thing is, reading to him gave me the same reaction and feeling it did him. Comfort, safety, and peace.

Now, what’s better than that?

Tell Me
So, who do you read too? Who will you read too? Maybe an elderly neighbor or family member? Or, perhaps your own children? Some local organizations and libraries hold story times and their always looking for people to read. The possibilities are endless. Tell me by commenting below – I want to know!

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