be kind. donate your yoga pants.

Don’t you hate it when you go into your closet and it’s filled with clothes, but surprisingly you can’t find anything to wear? Yeh, me too. I was thrilled when I saw today’s challenge because it meant I could actually get rid of some of my “nothing to wears” and practice a bit of kindness in the process!


Day Five
Today is day five of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge. Today’s challenge: donate at least one piece of clothing.

Raise your hand if you have more than one closet in your house? And, by that I mean, do you have so many clothes that you’re forced to use your kids closet, that dusty treadmill, or the basement as your extra closet space?

This is me, for sure. I actually have two different wardrobes. And, I don’t mean winter and summer – what I mean is I have a yoga or workout wardrobe and a normal clothes (what I call it) wardrobe.

Yes, I have so many yoga pants that I can honestly say I do believe I have more yoga clothes than anything. So much so that my bathroom linen closet now resembles a yoga outlet!

When I saw today’s challenge, I couldn’t wait to get started. As I mentioned above, when I go into my normal clothes closet (which isn’t very often these days) I can’t find anything to wear because there is too much to choose from. Now, the same thing is happening in my yoga closet (a.k.a. bathroom linen closet).

I got to work right away and separated all the yoga pants I hadn’t worn in the last five months and put them in a garbage bag. It almost filled the bag!

After that, I threw the bag in my car and dropped it at the local CommunityAid drop off location. As I pulled away, I felt so good!

I imagined a young woman in search of a slower paced activity, like yoga, to balance all her homework going through the racks and finding the perfect pair of yoga pants to begin her new practice, or the middle-aged woman who was finally doing something for herself and taking up yoga to get out of the house. Then, I imagined perhaps a more mature woman who had just retired looking through all the black yoga pants only to find my leopard print beauties and choosing those because she still feels 20 something (and age is just a number!).

Anyway, my visions of these women made me smile and knowing that not only will my act of kindness last for a few more years, but sharing my love of yoga will too.

Tell Me
So tell me – what will you do today to spread kindness among your community? Comment below. I want to know!

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