be kind. pay it forward in cash.

Have you ever ordered coffee at your favorite joint, only to have the sweetest surprise when the cashier says, “Your drink is paid for, no charge?” You stand and look in awe at the cashier and she says, “The person in line before you paid for your drink today.” How warm and fuzzy do you feel after that? I love this act of kindness so today’s challenge was a no brainer for me!

Day Four
Today is day four of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge. Today’s challenge: buy a stranger coffee.

I teach yoga and spin classes at a local boutique fitness center, I Am Limitless. I love teaching and inspiring others to challenge themselves and to take care of their bodies and love them for what they are. When I thought about today’s challenge, I immediately knew my plan of action!

At the fitness center, we offer amazing coffee, teas, healthy smoothies, snacks, and more for anyone who visits or takes a class and wants a refreshing something afterward or beforehand.

I was scheduled to teach that morning so after my class, I handed the front desk girl a $5 bill and said, “Whoever buys a treat for themselves next, use this towards their purchase.” The girl looked at me, smiled and said, “Ok, that’s really kind – will do!”

After handing her the money, I said, “Do you have some paper and a pen I could borrow?” She handed me the items and I wrote a brief note that read, have a great day!

I handed her the note and said, “Please give this to the person that receives my kindness.”

I walked away and felt the same warm and fuzzy feeling that I feel when I am the receiver of a special surprise – like a free cup of coffee!

Tell Me
What act of kindness will do today? Tell me. Comment below – I want to know 🙂

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