be kind. donate and date.

Today’s challenge was two-fold. I have to be honest – there was a little something in it for me, but it filled my heart to know that my actions were going to contribute to filling a stranger’s heart too. 

Day Three
Today is day three of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge. Today’s challenge: donate at least $5 or more to an organization you have never donated to.

Who loves Sunday evenings (a.k.a. “workmas” eve) – raise your hand?!

Oh, no one?

Truly I’m not surprised. I think there are many of us that feel a little “ugh” the night before Monday morning. So, when I saw the ad for restorative, candlelit yoga I was all in!

I asked my husband (Sean) to go too since I knew he was going to have a busy week and it’s always nice to do something together sans kids.

We packed up our mats and headed out. The class began at 4 p.m., which was the perfect time. Too early for dinner and too late to really start any major projects or household chores. And, believe me, I’ll use any excuse to get out of domestic responsibilities for an hour.

As we entered the yoga space, it was quiet and peaceful. We were greeted with a smile and the instructor told us the class was donation based and that we could give whatever we wanted. She then explained the donation would be going to the Winter Woman’s Shelter in downtown Lancaster, PA. I immediately smiled and loved the idea of holding a donation-based class to support others in need.

Sean and I chose two spots, each prepped with a bolster, a blanket, two blocks, lots of candles, and… chocolate! Now, this was my kinda class!

The class started promptly and we did a total of 5 poses during that hour, plus savasana. It was heavenly. Kind of like an hour-long savasana really. There was also live string music to serenade us into a peaceful, relaxed state. My body felt like a small, but sturdy boat placed into calm waters and drifting ever so slowly deeper and deeper towards the sunset.

That hour flew by and in no time we were packing up our things to head home. As we pulled away, I had a sense of peace in my heart and I closed my eyes for a few seconds to send love, light, and peace to the women and children in the shelter.

Tell Me
What will you do today for someone else? How will you spread kindness? Tell me, comment below! I want to know.

About the shelter: The winter shelter is a ministry of the Lancaster County Council of Churches that is facilitated by a community of caring individuals and houses of worship sharing their resources to provide shelter and hope for homeless women and their children.

If you’d like to volunteer or donate, here is a link to their facebook page:

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