be kind day 2. treat your angel in blue.

What would we do without our mail carriers? At one point, many of us thought mail carriers would go nonexistent, but not true (thanks Amazon!). They are still around and doing their thang. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t know what I’d do without my blue angel, which is why he is the receiver of my kindness today!

Day Two
So today is Day two of my Blogging for Kindness 31-Day Challenge!┬áToday’s challenge: leave a treat for your mail carrier.

I’m not gonna lie when I saw today’s I was like, “whaaa?” What am I going to leave for my mail carrier and would they care? It seemed such a simple act of kindness. Nonetheless, I proceeded and so here goes!

What do you give a mail carrier? I had no clue. So, I started looking up videos about mail carriers and some of the challenges they face and two things stuck out to me 1) They are alone a lot of the time and 2) The weather can be a real pain the ass for them.

After watching the videos and learning about these challenges I knew exactly what to do – especially with all this cold weather and snow we’ve been having lately.

On the way home from teaching yoga the one morning, I stopped by my local Starbucks and ordered an almond milk latte for me and an extra hot coffee. When I got home, I placed the hot coffee in our mailbox along with some creamers and packs of raw sugar. I attached a note that simply said, “Thank you.”

I popped back inside and waited.

After what seemed like an eternity (because I love giving surprises and can’t keep it a secret) I finally heard the stop-and-go drones of the mail truck coming up the street and I ran to the window to watch.

As the truck drove up to our mailbox, I watched our mail carrier’s face go from “ugh, it’s Monday again,” to “oh, what’s this?!” Then, as he pulled the coffee out of the mailbox I could see the huge smile appear and as he cheered the cup in the air I smiled too.

It was a small, simple act of kindness, but it really, I mean really made my day and warmed my heart. It was then I realized once again that serving others and showing kindness is so much better than thinking of myself all the time, or complaining that I have so much to do that day or agonizing over what bills I’ll find in my mail today.

It was the perfect act of kindness and one I’ll not forget.

Tell Me
So, how about you? What act of kindness will you put into action today? Do it and then leave a comment and tell me how it went, what you felt and what you learned.


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