i’m still celebrating. are you?

Why are we so quick to think our achievements are never good enough. Why are we using the word “but” more than ever? When did “proud” become a bad word? If you’re living, you’re being productive. So, why aren’t we celebrating our abilities and talents more? I don’t know about you, but I’m done with trashing my good feats. I’m celebrating them, and I’m still celebrating.

Are you the kind of person that when something good happens or you reach a goal you had set, you’re quick to brush it to the side and then within minutes are already thinking of what you need to accomplish next?

Are You Defined By Your Checklist?
Do you ever feel like your worth is measured in how many things you’re able to check off your list that day? Do you end up doing a lot of great things that day, and still don’t feel like you’ve done enough?

Do you call yourself lazy, or do you feel unworthy when you’re not as productive?

I think there are many of us out there. Yeh, me too. I’m one of those people that just can’t sit still. I always thought the reasoning for this behavior was just┬ábecause I had a good work ethic and enjoyed doing “things.”

I look back now on that theory and think, “WTF, really, Kelly?” Ha!

Hard Work Should Result In Party Hats!
No one enjoys working to exhaustion. No one works so much so that they can claim to be tired. They work hard to get a promotion, get a new car, finish that book they’ve always dreamt of writing, or maybe they work hard now so they can relax later.

Hard work should have a goal tied to it. And, when I say goal, I don’t mean cleaning the house until you pass out so you can “feel better” about yourself. I mean you should work hard because you want to. Because you made a promise to yourself and you’re going to honor it and finish strong.

Then what? When you finish and crush that mountain you wanted to climb – what do you do? Do you begin making a list of other mountains you’d like to conquer? Do you say to yourself, “I’m so happy to be done, what’s next?”

Celebrate That Shit
Hell no. What you need to do is to celebrate! And, not just for a few hours. Celebrate that shit like it’s the one thing people will remember you for when you’re gone. Throw yourself a party, take some photos of the event or accomplishment – frame it and hang it where you can see it every day.

The point here is to not dismiss it so quickly. CELEBRATE for dayzzzz!

I’ve been listening to this motivational audiobook for the past few days and one of the points the author made was that we, Type-A’s, perfectionists, whatever you want to call it, etc., don’t take enough time to celebrate and really soak up the joy in our accomplishments. We don’t allow ourselves to relish in the excitement of staying focused and finishing what we said we would do.

We don’t take pride in ourselves, in our character, in our ability to complete something we set out to do while jumping over hurdles along the way.

Maybe the lack of celebration is the result of “living the American dream?” You know what they say – you can never have enough or make enough money.

So, why? Why do you think we are so quick to disregard our hard work?

“But” Is The New Bad Word
You may have your own opinions or thoughts on why, but for me, I can tell you that I was brought up (as I feel many females are) to be small, to be quiet, to be humble. I was taught not to be brag or be boastful – even if I accomplished something amazing!

When I was younger I heard a lot of “but’s.”

I heard, “That’s great Kelly that you were able to bring your grades up, but you’ve got a long way to go and need to remember to work harder. Nice work honey on cleaning your room, but you forgot to clean your closet. You knocked it out of the park, Kelly on that client presentation, but next time maybe tone down your enthusiasm.”

Not Today Satan!
Really? Wait a minute. Within seconds my good work is swept under the rug with a “but.” My hard work is sent packing like a shameless vagabond, and others, along with the little voice in my head, sends a message that my accomplishments don’t matter. They aren’t good enough. They are not celebratory worthy.

Well, as they say… “Not today Satan!” Nope. No more.

From here forward I’m gonna celebrate my skills, my achievements, my talents, my triumphs, and there’s not gonna be any “but’s” involved.

I’m gonna celebrate not just for a few seconds, a few hours, a few days, or a few weeks. I’m gonna frame it and hang it on the wall. I’m gonna make my own sweatshirt with a trendy catchphrase and wear it proud. I’m gonna shout it out and never forget it – no matter how small.

Because celebrating is living. Celebrating is loving yourself and what you’re capable of. And, what’s the harm in that?

Absolutely NOTHING. Nada. Zilch.

Tell Me
So, what are you celebrating today? Did you get the laundry done, did you take a shower, did you pay off a credit card, did you start to journal, did you get that promotion? Whatever it is, shout it out and comment LOUD! We wanna know.

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