my favorite non-toxic gifts for self care and wellness

If you’ve watched the Netflix documentary Stink or heard the reports of toxins being discovered in so many products we use on a daily basis, you may be rethinking the gift choices you made for your loved ones this year. From make-up to lotions, cleaning agents, and so much more all these toxic ingredients can add up. Do your friends and family a favor this year and gift them something to give you both peace of mind.

I know what you’re thinking. There are toxins in everything these days and there’s nothing we can do about it. There’s no way to escape it – it is what it is.


It’s time we start doing our own research and become more responsible about what we use to take care of ourselves. We don’t have a choice about the air we breathe, but we can decide what we put in our bodies, on our skin, not to mention the products we use to clean with, cook with and so on.

Let The Facts Speak For Themselves
If you’re still unsure and questioning what kind of effect changing out some of the products you use will have or why you should care – let me give you a few facts that may change your mind.

  1. Carcinogens: There are several ingredients in most cleaning and beauty products that contain cancer-causing chemicals. They include but are NOWHERE NEAR limited to Sodium laurel/Laureth Sulfate, Parabens, Propylene glycol, Phthalates, and Diethanolamine.
  2. Skin Absorption: Did you know your skin is the largest organ of the body? It is and think about all the products you put on it. Shampoos, body wash, perfumes, lotions, face cleansers, make-up, creams, etc. Most cleaning products can emit dangerous pollutants indoors and if you’re the one cleaning – they can also be absorbed by the skin.
  3. Little to No FDA Regulation: There are toxins everywhere. They are definitely in food and luckily for that is one area that is monitored closely by the FDA (at least to some point). However,  many products, we use are barely investigated. Did you know that Europe has banned about 1,300 chemicals from being used, and here in the U.S. government officials recently banned only about 20 (last year only 10 were banned). How crazy is that?

If you’re still not sure, my hope is that you do your own research and care enough about yourself and the ones you love to begin making a few small changes.

Detox to Retox!
Ok, so now that we’re all informed and you now know WHY I decided to write this blog – let’s get into the good stuff!

I started “detoxing” about two months ago. At first, I started with a few small changes like switching out my make-up, and most of my beauty products. I’ve since begun switching out all my cleaners, and some of the items in my kitchen.

If you’re concerned and want to gift yourself and your loved ones a healthy and happy non-toxic new year, then keep reading!

My Favorite Non-Toxic Gifts
Here is a list of my favorite toxin free gifts:

IMG_2276Beauty Counter mascara: It’s amazing. No, seriously – it is! It doesn’t get clumpy, you don’t have warm it up or do any magic tricks to get it to work like those over the counter, chemical-infused types. Just open the package, and start treating those lashes with love! My rep Jenna is amazeballs and she will definitely hook you up! (Email me for deets)

IMG_2271FAAY Teak Wooden kitchen utensils: They are a beautiful caramel color, smell delicious and work like a charm. These non-toxic beauties are coated with organic, all-natural extra virgin olive oil. There are no plastic or wax coated chemicals used on this brand.

IMG_2270NATURA Rose: Who doesn’t want a good wine every now and then? This rose from Chile is organic and gluten-free. Created at the Emiliana Vinyards, flowers, plants, bugs, bees, birds, and other native wildlife and plants provide a natural defense to pest control. So you can rose all day!

IMG_2277CRUNCHI: A toxic-free make-up line that smells wonderful and works wonders! My fav is their primer, foundation and vegan brushes. I’m not and never have been a foundation person until I met CRUNCHI 🙂 It feels weightless and thanks to the primer minimizes my pores and last alllll day long. The vegan brushes are soft and can be cleaned weekly without bristles falling out and damaging the brush. And, how about that name?! If you’re interested and want to learn more or have questions, talk to my dear friend Melissa. (Email me for deets)

IMG_2268I Am Limitless: Take care of your insides too! Reduce fat, build muscle, and reduce the harmful toxins that stress causes by gifting a class pass or membership to a locally-owned boutique fitness center and spa. I Am Limitless is located in Lancaster, Pa, and offers all types of classes such as HIIT, barre, yoga, spin, Les Mills The Trip (the only one in PA), and so much more! Massage and other spa treatments are offered as well. Right now they are having a fantastic special, so don’t wait to get yours.

IMG_2279Pure Haven: Talk about all-natural. This brand takes the cake! I can find all the ingredients probably in my backyard or somewhere outdoors growing naturally. No fragrances are added and it still smells amazing! Cleansing and refreshing my favs (among many) are the face cleanser and eye cream. I can not go without them. The best part is you only need a little so they last. They have a whole line of products definitely check them out, or reach out to my girl, Erica! (Email me for deets)

Tell Me
So, what do you think? Have any last minute gifts to get? Or, maybe you want to begin your detox now? Tell me about it and let me know how it’s going if you have any questions, or share with me your favs!

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