5 facts about toxins that changed my opinion of mental health

There are some things in life we can’t do much about like the air we breathe. Although with more and more info coming out on the toxins found in so many of the items we ingest on a daily basis, most of us have made improvements to ingest fewer toxins. We do our best to eat better and move more to protect our bodies. But, are we doing anything to protect our mental health? And, do the toxins we absorb have anything to do how we feel?

I’m not gonna lie. I’ve been skeptical of those that call themselves “crunchy.” You know those hippies, granola-lovin’ vegans who love everyone, don’t use deodorant, drive energy efficient vehicles kinda people.

But, my view of them is beginning to change the more I read, and research about the number of toxins found in my everyday routine.

I think they might be on to something?

Maybe The “Crunchy” Life Ain’t So Bad
Even more so, as I discover how these toxins affect not only our physical health but our mental health, my outlook’s been changing on the “crunchy” way of living.

It’s no secret (if you’ve read my blog before) that I suffer from depression and anxiety disorder and I’m just one of 40 million adults in the U.S. (about 18.1%) that experience this mental illness. I take the responsibility of controlling my mental health pretty seriously since it can lead to really dark times and sometimes worse.

So, I do all I can to protect my well-being. From self care, to exercise, to eating right, and even at times the proper medication.

While I practice all these routines, I rarely think about what I put on my skin (yeh, the largest organ that we have – that one!). Until I started talking to a small group of trusted, well-educated friends who’ve done their homework on the toxin crisis in the beauty care industry. From them I learned the frightening results toxins in our beauty care products can have on us.

Lentils Are The New Beef!
I grew up vegetarian and I remember as a kid being so embarrassed by it. My friends would have chicken or beef for dinner which back then, was pretty common (unlike today). On the contrary, when I invited them over to my house my mom was whipping up roasted zucchini, lentil cakes, and veggie pasta. The teenager in me wanted to crawl in a corner and hide. I was completely embarrassed by this “crunchy” way of living.

However, now that I’m an adult and so many more people are conscious about what they eat, it’s not as strange being vegetarian as it once was and there are so many more options at restaurants! Although with all that being said, I know now that I’m lucky to have grown up with parents who cared and did their best to raise and provide me with such good food choices.

I’ll Take One Bottle Of Toxins, Please
But, no one ever talked about what deodorant I used and that it contained a chemical that causes damage to my nervous system, cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, hormone receptor disruption and so on.

No one talked about the mascara I was using and how one of the main ingredients is the same one they use to make tires.

With all the research and info my friends had done and shared with me – it really opened my eyes.

It really got me thinking that if these beauty and “wellness” products that I’ve been using for the past 20 some years had enough harmful toxins in them to hurt my body, what the hell were they doing to my brain? Were they helping the cause of my depression and anxiety?

My Ah-Ha Moment 
Here are the 5 facts that changed my opinion of my own mental health and why I started making small changes to improve my quality of life.

Fact 1: A woman who wears makeup absorbs about 5 lbs. of chemicals per year.

Fact 2: Most fragrances/perfumes are made up of a chemical (among a slew of others) that cause cancer, birth defects nervous-system disorders, allergies, and much more.

Fact 3: There are over 1300 cosmetic chemicals banned by the European Union, but perfectly legal in the U.S.

Fact 4: Between cosmetics, perfumes, personal care products, and feminine hygiene products, the average American female applies an average of 168 chemicals to her body and face every day.

Fact 5: Absorbing chemicals through our skin is worse than swallowing them.

I don’t know about you, but hearing these facts definitely makes me want to start making some BIG changes in the products I use.

I mean, if our skin, our largest organ is absorbing these chemicals so easily and the numbers continue to increase every year in adults that are diagnosed with cancer, heart disease, memory loss, and yes, even depression and anxiety – well then I’d say there’s likely a correlation.

Would you buy a bottle labeled cancer, liver disease, or organ toxicity and apply it to your face or body every day? Hell no!

My Chemical Revenge
So, for starters, I recently have gone on the hunt for new makeup and deodorant!

When it comes to deodorant, I found Primal Pit Paste with a lavendar scent to be my fav! The consistency is something to get used to but after you use it a couple times you will not even notice. Worried about sweaty underarms? No problem. It’s gym/workout proof too!

I also just began using Crunchi products as part of my beauty regimen and LOVE them! I was skeptical at first thinking how could natural ingredients cover and enhance my face like other products I had used in the past, but I was pleasantly surprised! They work great and do a better job than the toxic types – thank GOODNESS. I can now look AND feel good about what I’m putting on my skin.

The best part about doing this new “out with old, in with new” product switch up is that I can breathe a little easier knowing that the little changes add up and who knows how many days, weeks, months, or maybe even years I’ve added to my life in doing so!

And you can too!

Tell Me
So, this is the part where you tell me what you’re going to do today to start caring more for your bod and your brain? Let’s do it!


  1. It’s truly startling when you start to think about the legal toxins surrounding us, soaking into our skin, getting into all our body systems, rubbing off on our babies…I, too, recently wonder how many of these chemicals contributed to behavioral issues in my kids, my mental health, my physical health, it’s definitely worth doing your research and doing your best to reduce toxins in your life. When we know better, do better. It’s a process and I just go one step at a time. Thanks for sharing all these gold nuggets of info.

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