why living an I Am Limitless life is more tempting than a Cinnabon

You know that smell. It’s undeniable and mouthwatering. The smell of fresh homemade dough, sweet cinnamon and brown sugar, creamy vanilla icing, and that secret ingredient you just can’t put your finger on. When it all comes together – it’s magic. But, there is something more tempting. Yes, it’s true! Living an I Am Limitless life is better than a Cinnabon. Why? Well, simply put, being limitless allows you to be fearless, free. And, being fearless opens up any and every opportunity you can imagine. 

If you Google “limitless” there are several definitions. Besides being a TV show, movie, and type of drug, Limitless takes another more important form and meaning to us as human beings. Limitless means being without limits. Boundless. An unending amount of; infinite. Immeasurable.

A Limitless Life Defined
Living a limitless life, in my opinion, equals freedom.

Freedom to do, be, think, act without fear, without limits.

Now, to some people, this could mean different things. For example, maybe being limitless to someone who works a 60 hour week means getting out of bed every morning – ready and willing to start another day. Living a limitless lifestyle is the courage to begin again.

Or, perhaps to a mom or dad, living a limitless life might mean saying “yes” to their children more instead of saying “no.” Being fearless in the pursuit of parenting a child who they want to see make their dreams come true.

Living a limitless life to someone who isn’t considered “in-shape” may mean choosing to sign-up for that new workout class after work – even when they’re already aware it will be a challenge to not let every excuse in the book stop them. Because deciding to honor their body means more to them than those excuses.

Perhaps living a limitless life means going back to school, changing careers, leaving an unhealthy relationship, starting a savings account, or buying that plane ticket to a place they’ve only dreamt of.

Freedom Isn’t Just A George Michael Hit
Living limitless is the wind beneath your wings, the spring in your step, the air blowing through your hair… it’s that feeling of genuine freedom.

Remember as a kid when you used to roll the window down in the car, lean your head out and let the wind take your breath away?

That’s what living limitless should feel like. An adventure. A challenge. A fearless focus, a commitment to the consistency of being free and making the choice to be YOU.

All your dreams, hopes, wants, needs, and wishes can be yours if you make the choice now to live an I Am Limitless life. And, wouldn’t you say that’s more tempting than a Cinnabon?

I sure do and I’m choosing to live a limitless life by helping others achieve their goals and dreams through self-care.

Will The Real You Please Stand Up?
What’s your definition of living a limitless life? What choice will you make today to give yourself that freedom you deserve? How will you be fearless in the pursuit of being the REAL YOU?

One of the ways I’ve committed to living a limitless life is in the form of holding space for my yoga students! I’m one of many limitless leaders at the new boutique fitness studio opening up in Lancaster, I Am Limitless.

I Am Limitless Is… Whatever You Want It To Be!
It’s not what you’re thinking. It’s not a meat-head, weight dropping, grunting style gym. It’s not an uber-expensive, social snobbery meet-up where you have to wear your best workout clothes and have your hair did kinda gym…

It’s a living LIMITLESS kind of place! It’s a be free, put your hair up in a bun and get things done kind of place. It’s a live your life the way YOU want to kind of place. It’s a no-excuses, love yourself first kind of place.

Check it out and take a peek at I Am Limitless. Look for me on the schedule and check out the upcoming FREE events – like this one!

Tell Me
I can’t wait to meet you and help you find YOUR freedom! You are one decision away from living an I Am Limitless life. What’s stopping you?

Not local? No worries. Stay tuned for details…



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