how the last 5 minutes on the treadmill can help you crush your life goals

“I love the last five minutes of a treadmill run..,” Said no one EVER! If you’re like me, you despise the treadmill – especially those last few minutes that seem to last a lifetime. I mean, there’s a reason they call it the “dreadmill.” But, did you ever think how comparable those minutes feel when you’re trying to stick to and crush your life goals?

When I first thought about writing this blog post I was coincidentally on the treadmill and running out the last five minutes of my gym sesh at Orange Theory Lancaster. I kept thinking, when is this going to end?

I’m so tired. I’m so smelly. My legs might fall off or just stop. I’m thirsty. And, I’ve definitely got ugly, sweaty girl, tired as hell gym face look. I just can’t go another second! But, I did.

Is It Time To Hit The Stop Button?
On my way home I was like, yeh, this is gonna be a great blog post! I’m totally seeing that life is such a comparison to those last five minutes on the treadmill and I’m sure everyone will relate! Most times it’s just a real drag.

Just like life, it’s all you want to do some days is stop and get off.

Some days you’re so over it all that it’s just easier to hit the stop button. When the treadmill belt keeps running, the incline keeps rising and the fan goes out – you feel like you can’t go any further. Your tired and there’s no gas left in the tank – it’s all you can think about is to quit.

Just like life right!?

Life is constantly throwing us surprises and putting wrenches in our plans – making us want to pack it up and go home.

The more I thought about the post the more I realized that complaining about the comparison wasn’t really going to benefit anyone or upgrade their ability to conquer life.

The more I thought, the more I realized that my mind was in autopilot on the negative setting. So, maybe I needed a different angle? I needed to switch from “woe is me” to “I got this.”

From “Dreadmill” To “Goalmill”
What if I flipped the table and talked about how those last five minutes on the “dreadmill” actually preps us and encourages confidence in life and reaching goals instead of how it makes us feel like giving up?

What if?

You know, for as much complaining as I do about running on the treadmill when I really think about it, I ALWAYS finish. I never quit.

I always push myself to the end. I go harder, faster – higher.

When I’m on the treadmill I trick my body with my mind and start saying to myself, “Only a few minutes to go! You can do this! I know you’re tired, sweaty and smelly, but you got this and it’ll be over before you know it. So, hang in there, finish strong and kick ass!

Train The Mind And The Body Will Follow
So, how does the last five minutes help you crush your life goals? Well, it’s simple.

It’s mind over matter. You’ve heard it before, but it’s true.

When I was training for my first marathon two years ago I read several articles and talked to a lot of experienced runners that told me, “The key to finishing the race is tricking your body by training your mind.”


I listened to their advice and it worked!

I finished. And, not only that but the weather conditions that day were insane and not normal for that time of year. It was freezing cold, rainy and very windy. But, I had trained my mind so hard and so long that on race day every time a negative thought crept in I erased it and replaced it with something positive.

I said, “No way am I stopping. Yes, my legs hurt, my feet are blistered and half my body is frozen, but I put way too much work into this and I’ve overcome so many obstacles in the past – I CAN TOTALLY DO THIS!

The finish line was just as sweet as I’d imagined! And, the rest is history.

But, hopefully, the next time you hop on the “dreadmill” it will help YOU realize the potential within yourself and help you to conquer your goals.

What Do You See In The Mirror?
Hopefully, it will help you remember all the time’s life threw shit your way and you took it, overcame it, and kept going.

Hopefully, it will make you smile when you look in the mirror the next time and see the person standing there, breathing, living, even though that same person has been to hell and back. That person, YOU, have survived before and you will again.

Hopefully, you will set your goals higher, work harder, concentrate longer, focus stronger and stay the course because YOU CAN. You have the ability, strength and brain power.

Now go get it.

Tell Me
What are you working towards? Tell me… what goals will you crush this year? I want to know!

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