die “mom guilt” I’m over you.

We all feel it. Working moms, stay-at-home mom’s – even dad’s. Well, I’m over it and it’s time for a change. I don’t know about you guys, but I need all the positive I can get and I’m ready to positively reinvent “mom guilt.” I’m calling it “mom compromises!”

I worked full-time for many years and when I began working part-time, from home, I thought to myself, ah-ha this is great! I’ll be able to earn money, spend more quality time with my kids and let go of that mom guilt.

Boy, was I wrong. My mom guilt didn’t go anywhere.

The Grass Isn’t Greener For Part-Timers
As a full-time employee, I used to daydream of working from home a few hours in the early morning, then frolicking in a field of daisies with my kiddos while we laughed, loved, played, crafted, and colored.

Are you laughing your ass off yet?

I’m convinced I was completely delusional thinking my dreams would be a reality. It’s been nothing like I thought, working part-time from home. I do enjoy spending more time with my kids and I do feel extremely fortunate to do so, but it hasn’t erased the mom guilt I still feel at times.

The Mom Guilt Creep
Most days, I’m working on the computer, laundry, cleaning, running errands, paying bills and so much more, that I’m really not spending that much more time with my kids than I was when I was working full-time. It’s almost worst because in the midst of all that, my kids are asking me to ride bikes with them or draw with them, etc., and there are a lot of times when I have to tell them no.

Thus, the mom guilt begins to creep in…

Slowly, like molasses oozing along, coming in hot and then BOOM! Thick, gooey, liquid magma sitting heavy on my heart because I had to tell my kids “No, I can’t play with you right now, because of a million reasons.

Before you older folks start to scold me, telling me it goes so fast and to take advantage of the time I have with my kids now – let me explain. There are times when I do drop everything. There are days when I say “Screw it,” I’ll finish this later and we head to the pool or go to the park.

There is a point here. But, it’s not about whether you work 15, 20, 40, or 60 hours a week.

Die Mom Guilt. I’m A Valued Player!
The point is that as adults we all have a plethora of responsibilities and most of us are doing the best we can. It’s OK! We all have felt guilty about not spending enough time with our kids because we’re busy with adulting.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m done with the whole mom guilt thing. I’m working on starting a new revolution. It’s called “mom compromises.”

Yes, it’s true. Research shows that when we feel valued as employees, as parents, etc., we, in turn, become more hopeful, satisfied – confident about our compromises!

Instead of making guilty, I’m vowing to give myself a freakin’ break and remember that I’m making compromises for my kids and I know that it’s for their own good. And, it’s all gonna work out in the end because it always does. And, kids learn by example – right?! So, wouldn’t you want your kids to notice you making compromises, instead of sitting in the corner covered in guilt and sadness?

Yes, you would.

Compromisers, Mount Up!
The revolution has begun. I’m doing my best to change the way I look at this concoction of mom, work, and adult life because I’m a damn good employee, I’m a decent mom, I pay my bills, I’m a valued player if you will, in this parental arena and I’m not going down with guilt!

I’m rising up with compromises and mom guilt can kiss my ass!

Tell Me
So, are you going to join me, or what?! Tell me. I want to know.

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