stop searching for depression quotes & do this one thing to restore your soul

Did you know that the phrase “depression quotes” is one of the most searched terms both on Google and Pinterest when it comes to depression? Do you know why?

I had to think about this for a bit. Why would someone with depression want to seek out depression quotes? So, I did the search myself and as I was scrolling through the results and images it hit me.

People with depression don’t want to feel alone. They want to have a connection with someone – something. They want to validate their own feelings. They want to feel like they aren’t the only one like they aren’t alone.

Depression Described
I often hear others describe depression kind of like living in a hole. A black hole. I can attest to this because of my own struggles. It’s a lonely and dark place. It’s a place where a glimmer of light shines in for a split second once every 30-days, but mostly it’s just dark.

Depression is like quicksand. You sink into it slowly, most times unknowingly until you just wake up one day and you’re there. You can not get out – easily. It’s a long, arduous struggle that sucks all the energy out of you making it ten times worse to break free.

There’s Good News
But, I’m here to tell you that I’ve found one thing you can do that truly helps. There’s one thing that lightens the black more often than not and eases the burden of depression.

The best part is you don’t need money, you don’t need a special tool or other “things” to do it. All you need is your voice, a pen – maybe.

All you need to do is find a friend or someone you trust to listen. So ignore the depression quotes for now and work to …

Disconnect To Connect


CONNECT. Yes, a connection is key.

Tell a friend how you feel. Don’t feel like talking? No problem. Ask them to tell you about a time when they struggled. The key is to find a common ground. A place, a time, a feeling, a thought, a situation that you both can relate too.

Speaking from my own experiences, realizing you’re not alone is one of the best, most instant medicines to combat depression.

There are so many ways to connect. Via phone, meet for coffee, write it down and send a letter or text your thoughts. Facetime someone. Or, hug it out. No words required! If this someone genuinely cares about you, you don’t even need words.

We’re All Human
Human beings really, truly live by connecting with other humans. When you’re depressed the first thing you do is isolate yourself. You pull away and stop doing all the things you used to. So, it makes sense that by relating to another human who’s been through hard times too is the cure.

Connection is the light to your dark. It’s the togetherness to your loneliness. It’s the high to your low. It’s the rising to your sinking.

Now, pull up your adulting pants and go find your connection. Find your soul again and catch the light that you’ve lost, that belongs to you.

Tell Me!
Comment below and connect with me or tell me what you think! Lord knows I have a ton of experiences that I could connect with you about.


  1. Yep. I hear ya! It’s really hard to get your “head” out of those feelings and thoughts. Always hear to listen. Xo

  2. Depression tells me to stay very far from people, especially kind people. It tells me what a disgusting person that I am and how I will ruin others. When inside I just ache for acceptance, connection & to matter to someone else….ugly parts & all….

  3. I never thought I experienced depression. But then I realized that not wanting to connect or leave my house was a part of my depression. It helps me to do for others even when I don’t really feel like it. It gets me out and connecting with other people who are also struggling even if their struggles are different from mine. We all need to feel connected to keep going.

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