friday favorites: the best yoga music!

If you’re like me you want the best yoga music to keep you company during your practice!

I love listening to just the right tunes when I’m flowing. I feel like it helps me get into the poses better and keeps me motivated. Music is such a spiritual experience and we’ve all developed emotional connections to specific songs over the course of our lives.

Music Is A Journey For The Soul
Music can trigger good and bad memories. Music is like a journey for the soul. It takes us to places we’ve never been, let’s us escape and brings us back home.

It’s so connected to our emotions that it can instantly cheer us up, make us cry, slow us down and relax, or rev us up and help us to push through a tough workout or a bad day.


My Favorite Artists For A Yoga Practice
So, when it comes to music and yoga I like to treat myself and make the playlist just as good and juicy as my practice for the ultimate yogi experience. Here are a few of my favorite artists!

Little People

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The downtempo electronica grooves of this artist will energize you and warm your soul. Thier sound is quite unique. It’s part beats, bleeps, and snippets of other people’s music. Their hip-hop roots combine with tranquil synths, intricate melodies, and string arrangements.

DJ Drez

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Just start reading how this yogi at heart describes himself and you’ll be hooked immediately! Peacefully determined, lover, sound ambassador, hip-hopper, mind astronaut…. the list goes on. He’s one of the most prominent, diverse and influential DJs in the LA underground music scene. His melodic, trance-like sounds combine long-ago oldies but goodies with yesterdays roots mixed with today’s vibrational harmoniums. You will not be disappointed.


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A cross between Radio Head and DJ Shadow yet reminiscent of bands like Portishead, Coldplay, and Massive Attack. Stateless combines their diverse musical influences to create the melting pot sound of classical music, psychedelic rock, dancehall reggae, and electronica. Their name says it all… their music is freedom, without borders, and no restrictions – anything goes.


Image result for emancipator

Hmm… where do I start when describing this guys talent? Intricate, artful, chilling hip-hop beats mixed with guitar feedback and piano melodies. His music is so original and unlike any, I’ve heard before. It doesn’t fall into any category, but it’s sure to captivate you with its clean production, sick downtempo waves, and rare supersonic beats. Trust me, you’ll leave your mat happy.

There are SO MANY good artists out there it was really difficult for me to pick, but ya gotta start somewhere and this list is a good place to start.

I promise you’ll be adding these musical genius’s to your favorites after the first note. Happy playlisting!

Who Are Your Favorite Music Artists?
Tell me – what are some of your favorites artists to listen to when you practice or just want to chill out? I’d love to hear from you!

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