stop stuffing your sadness

Do you stuff your sadness to hide it from others? Do you feel like you need to pretend that everything is fine when it’s not?

Does flipping through your social media feed make you think you need to hide your sadness and your reality because no one else is showing theirs?


Do You Hide Your Real Feelings?
Do you hide your real feelings because you’re embarrassed or scared of what others will think or say? Do you hide it from your kids, your husband, your wife, etc. because you don’t want them to see your pain?

I’m here to tell you, stop.

Stop stuffing your sadness to make yourself “look good” to the outside world. Stop stuffing your sadness because you’re embarrassed or fearful. Be true to you. Reach out if you need a friend to talk too.

Give Yourself A Nice Dose Of Empathy.
We as human beings soothe our souls by relating and connecting to other human beings that are going through the same ups and downs. Don’t ever be ashamed to say you feel sad, or depressed, angry or anxious. Do not stuff or put aside your feelings – feel them, don’t hide them. Feel them, process them and then let them go.

Be real. Not for everyone else, but for you.

The more we can open up and be honest about what we’re feeling the less we’ll be addicted to drugs that just hide the feelings and push them aside. The more we’ll be aware of and be able to help others around us and see that they’re suffering.

Always Happy Doesn’t Exist
We can help someone and ourselves by going through the feelings with friends, rather than just pretending we’re always happy.

Always happy doesn’t exist. And, it’s ok.

We’re human. We make mistakes, we have life circumstances that are beyond our control that happen to us, that take us on journey’s we didn’t sign up for.

Feel the aches, pains, sadness and hurt. Cry, scream, yell if you need too. Give those feelings just as much attention as the joy, happiness, and peacefulness. There are no bad emotions. They’re all real, they all count and we need to feel and process each one of them.

Ask For Help, It’s Ok
I’m not gonna lie. The past six months have been rough for me. I see a therapist and I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve had depression and anxiety my entire life – it sucks, but it’s a part of who I am. I accept that and I’m doing my best to make the best of it. We all need someone else to talk at certain times in our lives – like a therapist or a friend. Don’t ever feel like you can not reach out for help.

Hell, reach out here on this blog. Leave a comment. I dare you. There, there you go. That’s your invitation.

Raise your hand, call a friend, scream out loud, send an email or text – tell someone, tell anyone. Do not stuff it away. Do not. Do not.

Love yourself, do yourself a favor, give yourself a damn break. Stop trying to be happy 24/7, stop thinking that all those smiley shiny people on your Facebook or Instagram feed who seem to be overjoyed, merry little elves that never feel pain. It’s just not true. It’s not true.

We ALL feel pain and sadness and you know what…

It’s ok. It’s good. Recognize it and reach out. Feel it and ask someone to listen. Process it and learn how to grow from it and LET IT GO.

Stop stuffing your sadness. Tell me, are you hiding an emotion right now? Are you feeling it? I want to know and I want to help. This community wants to help.


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