some mornings got me like…

“Time to get up Ava. Ava, please wake up. Get up now and get dressed or I’ll…! Put your shoes on. What do you want for breakfast? Did you brush your teeth? Max, why did you dump your yogurt all over the table?! Wipe your face. Hurry, we’re gonna miss the bus!”

Ugh. The title of this blog is deceiving because this is most mornings in my house. They are hectic and crazy. They are exhausting and overwhelming at times, but it’s what you gotta do. Right?

Sometimes I just wish my kids would listen so I wouldn’t have to get loud and angry at them. It would make the morning so much more pleasant. Ah, wishful thinking at its best!

Why must we run around like spider monkeys on speed who run in circles, twirling batons, shouting and crying like a three ring circus? Man, sometimes I just want to stop, take a breath and clear my head.

It’s definitely a challenge multitasking all the ‘to-dos’ in the a.m., but sometimes we just gotta hold on for the ride and push through.

More coffee, please.

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